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The Works Experience: is a journey and adventure, discovering new talent to top DJ’s with amazing sounds.

But this Journey is not just for the DJ’s that play for us, it’s also about you, taking you through different genres of music taking you into a Dreamstate. (just add Fluid)

The Journey starts at home, with DJ’s building their music collection, building a brand and learning their trade.

Practice: There is a no better practice than playing Live, with The Works Radio our DJ’s do just that playing too our audience.

Feedback: Commenting, following, constructive criticism (no bullying) and sharing. This helps a DJ & artist grow and blossom so don’t hold back.

Artist: Some of our fantastic DJ’s produce their tracks and sounds, what better way to hear their skills and talent by dropping them into a set.

We are creating expectations for the audience and artists, with new and resident DJ’s. We like to create goals and support talent: New talent to become residents, residents to become published artists and artists to become DJ’s at our Events.

The audience determines the growth, with the support for the artist and interaction. We then take you the audience to our events, to watch the talent you supported live.

The Journey and adventure:: You’ve to herd them on radio, the talent has practised, the set is created. Artist has created their ultimate tracks and polished their boots. Genres prepared House, Tech House and Techno The Event for 500 + people ready.


But this Journey is not just about the DJ’s that play for us, it’s also about you the audience, taking you through different genres of music creating Dreamstate. (just add Fluid)

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