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Rock Circus Radio

Rock Circus Radio Show

Presented by Jay Ryan

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Sunday 10:00 pm 11:00 pm
Jay Ryan

Jay Rya

So, it may not always sound like it, but I’ve been babbling into a microphone between songs for quite some time now. I was raised in upstate New York (United States) and developed a love for radio as a youngster, listening to local radio presenters all over the AM and FM dial. I LOVED radio and would record songs from my favourite stations onto cassette tapes (yes, I’m THAT old!) and present along to them.


Long story short, I officially started my radio career on internet radio. I’ve had the privilege of producing and hosting two syndicated radio shows, including “The Rock Circus Radio Show”. I’ve been on the air at both FM and internet stations, and love being able to entertain you.

You can connect with me directly on Facebook at see below or through the show website at Rock Circus Radio Show.

Outside of my time in the studio, I enjoy spending time with family and my ever-faithful companion, a Lab/Golden Retriever mix named Rex.

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